5K Memorial
Run / Walk

Saturday 10:00 AM

October 20, 2018


Sunday 5:30 PM

November 5, 2018

All Proceeds Benefit Brain Cancer Research

Please join us for the 6th annual Miles for Mary.

In November 2012, the Park family lost Mary, their wife and mother, to brain cancer. For the past five years family and friends have gathered around Miles for Mary as a tribute to her memory and in memory of a growing number of loved ones afflicted by this terrible disease.

Two events serve to raise awareness of the effects of brain cancer on our community and raise funds to support brain cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital in memory of Mary C. Park.

Memorial 5K Run/Walk
The 2018 Memorial 5K Run /Walk will be held on Saturday 10:00 AM, October 20 at Devereux Beach.

Research Seminar
The Seminar conducted by two Research Doctors at Mass General Cancer Center will focus on Innovations in Brain Cancer Research and Treatment will be on Monday, November 5 beginning at 5:30 PM at Tedesco Country Club.

Both are located in Marblehead, MA but you can participate through the Join in Spirit category of the 5K from anywhere and will be able to view the Seminar in its entirety through the Miles for Mary web site.

●  To participate in the 5K, click Miles for Mary 5K run/walk.

●  To learn by joining the Research Seminar with
Dr. Elizabeth Gerstner, click Innovations in Brain Cancer Research Seminar.

●  To donate to save lives directly to the Brain Cancer Center at Mass General in memory of Mary, click here.

●  To volunteer or to help sponsor these events, click here.

●   Part of the Marblehead Race Series